This is a subway sound barrier installed on a bridge to reduce the noise of subway.

Noise Barrier Solves Your Noise Problem

Noise barriers are solid construction between noise resources and sound-sensitive receivers. They can't reflect or absorb all noises but only reduce overall noise levels. Common effective noise barriers include reflective and absorptive sound barriers. Typically, they can reduce noise levels by 5 to 10 decibels (dB). Roads, highways, retail and big-box stores, construction sites, overpasses and bridges which locate near populated areas are generally equipped with these sound barrier systems.

Hebei Huanyu Noise Barriers Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of soundproofing products. Our outdoor sound barrier mainly includes gabion baskets, aluminum, PVC sound barrier and transparent sound barrier like polycarbonate and acrylic. Generally speaking, a sound barrier system is a combination of two materials such as polycarbonate and aluminum which supports the clear barrier.

About sound barrier

Why sound barrier is urgently required?

Excessive noise pollution has been a hazard and caused serious affects to people’s health and daily life, especially for children and old people. You see, old people who often have heart problem, may have life risk when a sudden noise occurs. In addition, noises can greatly affect people’s moods and reduce work efficiency.

What is reflective sound barrier?

A noise barrier system can be roughly divided into reflective and absorptive. Reflective barriers such as stone, metal and PVC have hard and smooth surface and thus block sound toward the resources or beyond. When the sound wave hit hard surface, some energy is transmitted through the wall but the bulk is reflected back.

What is absorptive noise barrier?

Absorptive noise barrier are usually designed with perforated holes or slits on surface. They make easy transportation of the sound into the interior of the wall. In the interior part, it is filled with soundproofing materials such as fiber glass and wool glass which can eliminate noises.

This is a combination of transparent and PVC sound barrier installed at railway station.
Various sound barriers with good anti-noise effect for choice

With the development of economy, the number of vehicles and industries are rapidly increased. They have greatly improved people's living level. Simultaneously, terrible noises pollute silent residential or commercial areas and affect normal dweller’s living. As to sound barrier, there are a lot of options. Except concrete soundproofing wall, aluminum, polycarbonate, PVC and gabion wall are also extensively found in heavy traffic or industrial areas.

Our noise barriers advantages than concrete sound barrier :

  • Easy installation and less project time to be spent.
  • Not affected by cold climate and no cracks will occur as concrete wall does.
  • Recyclability and friendly to the environment.
  • Available to any place like narrow place.
Our Hot Products
Transparent sound barriers including acrylic and polycarbonate barrier are widely used along highway, overpass, bridge and road for easy installation and clarity.
Acrylic noise barrier is suitable for outdoor applications such as freeways, overpasses and bridges. 10-year guarantee and cost effectiveness make it popular.
Polycarbonate sound barrier is a prior option of sound barrier for its economic cost, durability, easy installation and high impact strength.
Our Applications

Industrial plants and big-box stores are two familiar noise resources. They should be equipped with sound barriers to lower noise level.

Traffic noise barriers are designed to minimize noise damage to residential, commercial or dwellers near highway, roads and big-box stores.

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